Company Information


Our vision is to be your sourcing partner of choice


Our mission is to allow you dedicate your time to focus on greater strategic objectives while we take care of your day to day operations


Our highly talented team will do this by developing and executing an action plan that provides you with a bird’s eye view of the steps required and the current progress 

Company History

Founded in 1998, Texlynx is now one of the largest buying houses in South Asia with more than $50m in turnover. Some of our key characteristics that embody us and are the core of our business model include:

Global Sourcing and Services with a Global vendor network

We provide a global sourcing network with strategic relationships developed in over 10 countries over the world, this allows us access to a wide range of specialist skills.

Working with International Brands

Due to our impressive customer relations department and effective communication, we have been chosen by many international brands to handle their business.

Massive Product Range

Over the years with the help of our product development department and vendor network, we have developed a range of products that can be developed for you.

Your Local Office and on the ground presence

We are your local partner and will take care of your day to day needs while you focus on your greater strategic objectives. We are here to enable you to perform at your highest.

Highly skilled and talented team

We have strong mix of marketing individuals, highly experienced QC managers and technically versed production planners.